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Thank you again to MadisonWoods for all her work and organization. You can visit her site and read through the other Flash Fiction Friday postings at:

For those who are new, MadisonWoods shares a photo prompt to which several #FridayFictioneers will compose a 100-word flash of fiction. Settle upon this wicked wind and stay a while, won’t you?

Here is my contribution:


as does the Monarch from flower to flower flutter,

spreading gentle caresses,

lapping sweet nectar,

unfolding delicate petals,

drinking her coming pollen,

such lovely succulence,

such glorious intoxication,

so does the harbinger from flesh to ripening flesh venture,

tantalized by noxious perfumes,

indulging upon sweetest necrosis,

shearing pleasures,

tearing delights.

glutted in the undoing yet not sated,

she rises from death’s bed,

from such rapturous ecstasy,

to dry her quills.

she shrills her victor’s song,

sagely remaining vigilant,

such magnificent poise,

awaiting the devouring of another lover.


Finding Way

Paths selected in favor of the more passable.

I clutch these choices to my breast, they cannot be stripped.

Whether worse or better, I claim thee, mine alone.

I own nothing if not my choices,

Or, they own me.

I cherish, I honor, I love, in my way.

But, I am tempted, and I am weak.

I am human, still.

Confident and capable, just not so as they believe.

Once I wished, in earnest prayer to be.

No longer.

I have my choices, my decisions.

And here, this lane.

For me, not them.

And then something else.

My match met, we know.

My stride broken, pride taken, I think.

Or simply given away?

Mistakes made, we were not mistaken.

Nothing to regret.

Was true, all, fierce indeed, and unknown in this pass before,

and Is Love.

Suffered yet, I died, and, I lived.

Upon this mirror I witness a slower and different being.

Persisting here, but not alone.

Feeling here, I am unwhole.

But I am no longer worse.

I am finding way.


Hello Friends. Another Flash Fiction Friday posting. Thank you to Madison Woods for her organization and prompts.

Please check her site for other folks’ stories, time well shared.

And here we go with my entry.


Or, not.

After The Rain

Through the park,

they wandered and walked,

sister and sister in arms.

They skipped, they hopped,

and never gave thought,

had no reason to fear harm.

From somewhere below,

the maw did grow,

which lurked within the garden.

When Maddie misstepped,

it reached up, it leapt,

gnashed teeth terribly sharpened.

Addy was next,

it snapped her neck,

then suckled upon her heart.

Mommy never knew,

found one bloody shoe,

if only she fathomed her part.


wintry waltz



hung with anticipation of gifting,

promises made,

love and life to be shared,

we made a place,

this place,

safe within a glade.



tattered and torn,

a single wish,

upon this rusting and twisted spire.



within our Home,

where we’d lain,

exposed and vulnerable

the tender belly of love.


remaining, so i knew,

for i believe in you and so i hope,

a leaning shaft between barren limbs,

illuminating the path to where

in death we shall be joined,

so i hasten this turn,

toward the dark promenade,

and with this cloaked presence,

offering a wintry waltz,

this oddment dance,

this invitation for peace,

i do so willingly accept.

is this what she meant,

the sharing of warmth,

the touching of skin upon another,

when she said,

peace be with you?