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My mind’s been elsewhere. I wonder if when my mind travels, when I leave out on these magnificent adventures, is it just a whimsical fantasy, some lingering adolescent drivel? I believe no. Such is the language of the naysayers, and to them I ask: Is something not real because it escapes another’s sense of tangibility?

Evolve. Open your heart and open your mind.

If I journal the events and another reads and now two have shared the experience, and then a third and another, how can it be said that the dream is not real? You live how you wish, freely restricted, within your self-imposed walls of delusion. I will travel down the rabbit hole and there I shall meet others like me, again and again, for we are brothers and sisters and what we share is nothing less than magical.


Thank you again to MadisonWoods for all her work and organization. You can visit her site and read through the other Flash Fiction Friday postings at:

For those who are new, MadisonWoods shares a photo prompt to which several #FridayFictioneers will compose a 100-word flash of fiction. Now the pitch. Go ahead. Choose the red one.

My contribution:

For Love

He dreamed it would be done here. Eventually. In this safe harbor of peace and union; where their family nurtured their bodies as well as their souls; where struggles were confronted and solutions devised, together.

Here, a pact was forged; another bled.

She sought a love. Other than that which arose beside her each morning, labored daily to provide comfort, fed and bathed her when sick, which kept her true, only, contained within his walls.

In this room, upon this shared table she stretched before the other, revealed her passion, explored places all together new and unknown.

But, for what?


Finding Way

Paths selected in favor of the more passable.

I clutch these choices to my breast, they cannot be stripped.

Whether worse or better, I claim thee, mine alone.

I own nothing if not my choices,

Or, they own me.

I cherish, I honor, I love, in my way.

But, I am tempted, and I am weak.

I am human, still.

Confident and capable, just not so as they believe.

Once I wished, in earnest prayer to be.

No longer.

I have my choices, my decisions.

And here, this lane.

For me, not them.

And then something else.

My match met, we know.

My stride broken, pride taken, I think.

Or simply given away?

Mistakes made, we were not mistaken.

Nothing to regret.

Was true, all, fierce indeed, and unknown in this pass before,

and Is Love.

Suffered yet, I died, and, I lived.

Upon this mirror I witness a slower and different being.

Persisting here, but not alone.

Feeling here, I am unwhole.

But I am no longer worse.

I am finding way.


Traveling the path is living. Each foot fall a new experience. Let your feet take you on your life’s¬†journey. Savor. Sing. Twirl. And, for God’s sake, take your shoes off, at least once in a while. Also, listen. What you hear there, that is me whistling. I’m just around the bend.


And he gazed up to the heavens in search of his place, wondering what of his station, what of his family, what of his loves and his lover. His answer came in clouds, freely shifting, full yet shapeless.  He understood that there were no answers to be had, that his truth would be formed by his actions, as a vase is molded from clay. He understood that fire would strengthen him, harden him, and he feared he would also become brittle. He longed to remain simple, and look up at shifting clouds, and dream, beneath the dreaming tree, holding her hand.