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wintry waltz



hung with anticipation of gifting,

promises made,

love and life to be shared,

we made a place,

this place,

safe within a glade.



tattered and torn,

a single wish,

upon this rusting and twisted spire.



within our Home,

where we’d lain,

exposed and vulnerable

the tender belly of love.


remaining, so i knew,

for i believe in you and so i hope,

a leaning shaft between barren limbs,

illuminating the path to where

in death we shall be joined,

so i hasten this turn,

toward the dark promenade,

and with this cloaked presence,

offering a wintry waltz,

this oddment dance,

this invitation for peace,

i do so willingly accept.

is this what she meant,

the sharing of warmth,

the touching of skin upon another,

when she said,

peace be with you?



And he gazed up to the heavens in search of his place, wondering what of his station, what of his family, what of his loves and his lover. His answer came in clouds, freely shifting, full yet shapeless.  He understood that there were no answers to be had, that his truth would be formed by his actions, as a vase is molded from clay. He understood that fire would strengthen him, harden him, and he feared he would also become brittle. He longed to remain simple, and look up at shifting clouds, and dream, beneath the dreaming tree, holding her hand.