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Thank you again to MadisonWoods for all her work and organization. You can visit her site and read through the other Flash Fiction Friday postings at

Here’s my contribution…I hope you enjoy.


The old people centuries before were shipwrecked upon this world, their cryptic glyphs and schematics lasered in stone. Icarus labored to decipher those foreign characters. He gathered rare desert sands, combined valuable gems, as instructed. He melted, fused, tempered the glass. A hull fabricated. An engine constructed, to be fueled by light itself.

The new people gathered under seasonal rains, they celebrated. Icarus boarded his glass-craft. Clouds parted, sun blazed, engines roared. His ship stretched skyward, took flight, bent light.

The crowd cheered as the ship rose.

Icarus bowed forth. Then, gone.

He visits frequently, just after rains cease.


wintry waltz



hung with anticipation of gifting,

promises made,

love and life to be shared,

we made a place,

this place,

safe within a glade.



tattered and torn,

a single wish,

upon this rusting and twisted spire.



within our Home,

where we’d lain,

exposed and vulnerable

the tender belly of love.


remaining, so i knew,

for i believe in you and so i hope,

a leaning shaft between barren limbs,

illuminating the path to where

in death we shall be joined,

so i hasten this turn,

toward the dark promenade,

and with this cloaked presence,

offering a wintry waltz,

this oddment dance,

this invitation for peace,

i do so willingly accept.

is this what she meant,

the sharing of warmth,

the touching of skin upon another,

when she said,

peace be with you?