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Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for all her work and organization. You can visit her site and read through the other Flash Fiction postings at:

For those who are new, Rochelle shares a photo prompt to which several #FridayFictioneers compose a 100-word flash of fiction. Come, relax in the Tranquil Garden.

Here’s my contribution:

The Tranquil Garden

“I wish you were dead.”

The words hung in the air like the cigarette smoke Tad would belch out, stretching wider with each passing second. Mary choked on her tears.

I’m strong, damnit. Why do I get weak around him?

“Then do something about it. Come on, be a man for once in your life.” Tad clenched his fist.

“Go ahead, do it! Hit me!”

He relaxed his hand. “You’re not worth it.”

“Coward.” She shoved him as hard as she could. “Fucking coward! Hit me!” She shoved him again, spilling his beer.

In the end she got her wish.