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FFF Prompt cropped-bugs

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for all her work and organization. You can visit her site and read through the other Flash Fiction postings at:


For those who are new, Rochelle shares a photo prompt to which several #FridayFictioneers compose a 100-word flash of fiction. Come, have a listen, you just might learn something.

Here’s my contribution:

The Bully

He considered the implications, the causes, the effects. Brandon was very good at seeing the broader picture.

He’d been called things like darling and faggot many times. Always he would turn away, rising above and attempting to avoid physical harm. Just recently upon returning from the theater with Jonathan — God could Jonathan make a violin weep — two drunken fellows pummeled them wantonly. Jonathan’s lovely fingers were severely broken and would never function the same. The larger of the men had called out something before he’d stomped Brandon’s nose.

Brandon loosened a ligature then queried, “Empower me. Say those words again.”


  1. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear JK,

    Love the story. Grim and lurid. Your last sentence…revisit it.



    • JKBradley says:

      Howdy, Doug!

      I agree about the last sentence, it’s always such a challenge to tie up a jarring closing in just a few words. I wanted maybe 15 more words and just couldn’t seem to find a good way to lean up the other parts to make the word count work better. But I did try to improve that sentence to better support the overall theme and feel. Still not really the punch I wanted…

      Happy holidays my friend.

  2. I love this character. I hate what has happened to him but I love the character.

  3. wildbilbo says:

    Turning the other cheek is honourable, but everyone reaches a point. Nice theme – and I liked the “empower me” bit at the end too.

  4. Oh darn… nothing sadder than the cowardly ways of the bullies..

  5. “God could Jonathan make a violin weep” This line along with the broken fingers . . . Your story makes me angry – in a good way.

  6. Creatopath says:

    It’s incredible the stories you can create from one photo! So sad and unfair about Jonathan’s fingers.

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