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FFF Prompt dolphin_01

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for all her work and organization. You can visit her site and read through the other Flash Fiction Friday postings at:


FidayFictioneers compose a 100-word flash of fiction. Come, let me swallow you up.

Sea-Glass Succubus

Nana had fashioned the window using discards gathered from the world’s seas and shorelines, each glass fragment part of another’s life: a dream, a love, a wound. Such a varied conglomerate became something bewitching to gaze upon and as Nicole fathomed the depths captured therein she noticed the frosted surface becoming more fluid. She peered closer and the glass began to ripple, then swirl, as if beckoning and almost on command Nicole extended a curious finger toward the pool. The touch was slippery and warm and grew more and more pleasurable as she was drawn ever deeper, inch by inch.



  1. Adam Ickes says:

    Wonderful take on the prompt. I went in a somewhat similar direction.

  2. Sandra says:

    Excellent take on the prompt. Enjoyed this.

  3. Very sensual and alluring. Excellent as always, darling.

  4. Dear JK,

    If I were an analyst I’d ask what kind of a childhood you had. 😉 The imagery in this is amazing. I, too, am drawn in by the pleasure of it.



  5. This is a wonderful and imaginative story, JK. I enjoyed it.

  6. love this one JK. I have collected sea glass for years… and have large jars all over. It has a magical quality that I love. I could imagine it taking on its own story. Well done.

  7. liz young says:

    Lovely imagery – and the idea of a glass collage is wonderul.

  8. Good read and absolutely wonderful imagery.

  9. My my, an enchanted glass. I expect to only be able to see the tip of her tail very soon…

  10. annisik51 says:

    Imaginative, sensual and sexual. I make art from fragments. I have tons of them, dug out of gardens and gathered from other places. Each fragment has its history and story. So far, none of my works have beckoned me into an alternative universe, but you never know what you’re picking up!

  11. Wonderful descriptions, I felt myself being drawn in.

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