Free Form Poetry ~finding way~

Posted: June 18, 2012 in fiction, poetry, writing
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Finding Way

Paths selected in favor of the more passable.

I clutch these choices to my breast, they cannot be stripped.

Whether worse or better, I claim thee, mine alone.

I own nothing if not my choices,

Or, they own me.

I cherish, I honor, I love, in my way.

But, I am tempted, and I am weak.

I am human, still.

Confident and capable, just not so as they believe.

Once I wished, in earnest prayer to be.

No longer.

I have my choices, my decisions.

And here, this lane.

For me, not them.

And then something else.

My match met, we know.

My stride broken, pride taken, I think.

Or simply given away?

Mistakes made, we were not mistaken.

Nothing to regret.

Was true, all, fierce indeed, and unknown in this pass before,

and Is Love.

Suffered yet, I died, and, I lived.

Upon this mirror I witness a slower and different being.

Persisting here, but not alone.

Feeling here, I am unwhole.

But I am no longer worse.

I am finding way.


  1. its so beautiful….

  2. says:

    is this the path we are currently on – the new path we are desparately striving to take? dmk

  3. MarinaSofia says:

    Each line sounds like a philosophical challenge. ‘I am nothing if not my choices/ Or, they own me.’ And interesting use of punctuation. I enjoyed that very much indeed!

  4. Loving this, completely and oh so absolutely!

  5. Pamela says:

    I like the conversational aspect of self. The questions are powerful.

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